July 10, 201

On June of this year, I was offered a great opportunity to work for a company called Specialty Lighting Group (www.sslighting.com) They are “Lighting Services Distributor” based out of Connecticut. For the past thirty years, this company has been one of the few successful organizations in North America that focuses exclusively in large National Account Clients.

They are nimble, expedient and focused on their business. As a small privately held company they are capable of making quick decisions and are able to change and adapt very quickly to the needs of their market. Their expertise and exceptional customer knowledge make them a respectable competitor and a sought after supplier.

In my new role, I will be helping them to strengthen their product offering to customers nationwide. I will be developing, promoting and implementing Utility Incentive/Rebate Strategies for their existing and new customer base. Using my experience with NSTAR in Massachusetts, where we were the number one program in the nation in Energy Efficiency for two years in a row (and leaders in the lighting industry for our relationship between utilities and the marketplace), I apply my skills and industry networks to offer a stronger and more attractive offering to Specialty’s customers.

The team at Specialty Lighting Group (@speclightgroup in twitter) is headed by the legendary Paul O’Donnell  who used to head Lightolier’s National Account group in early 2000. He has put together a great team that make this company one of the most respected in their niche market.

With this change, I will be opening another chapter in my career.

You can reach me at Specialty Lighting Group at the following address: