Participating as a Speaker for Peca-Chuka in Spring 2012

The Designer’s Lighting Forum of New England DLF-NE gathered to for it’s first Peca-Chucka event in Boston.

We had a nice event at Space With a Soul in the trendiest area of Boston (Four point Channel). With a wonderful view as backdrop, the night was filled with fun as our guest speakers tried to keep in time for the 20 second time frame.

In addition, there was a table top exhibit for local representatives and lighting designers.

The set up from vendors

The set up from vendors

Here with my friend Stas who runs Space with a Soul. He is a great innovator in Boston. Always ready to help others.

Stas from Space with a Soul

Stas from Space with a Soul

More organization. The format: 20 seconds per person, is quite a challenge. The message has to be concise and memorable. We all had a great time.

The audience.

The audience.

2012-03-29 17.51.44

The view from the spectators.


Here with my good friend Ira Rothman from Omnilite.

Great event which will be repeated next year.

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